Exercise 1.2 Create a list of suppliers

The purpose of this exercise is to create a list of suppliers for use now and in the future – this list is live for the duration of the course and beyond and will be updated at regular intervals.  Where possible samples are also being collected from the suppliers or textile trade fairs or shows.

The Isle Mill (trade only)

01738 609090


Ripon  NYK  KG4 5NB

Ian Mankin Ltd

269/271 Wandsworth Bridge Road


London SW6 2TX

020 7722 0991



Rainbow Silks

6 Wheelers Yard

High Street

Great Missenden

HP16 0AL

01494 862111



Pongees  (silk fabrics)

9 Schooner Park

Crossways Business Park

Dartford  DA2 6NN


020 7739 9130



Organic Textile Company

Unit 4

Dyfi Eco Park

Machynlleth SY20 8AX

01624 700002



Barnyarns  (notions, fabrics, haberdashery)

24 Barker Business Park


Ripon  NYK  KG4 5NB

support @barnyarns.co.uk

01765 690069


Real Good Yarns (vegan/ethical yarns)



07806 610515



66-68 Essex Road

London N1 8LR

020 7704 1060



Pongees  (silk fabrics)                                                       Elegance

9 Schooner Park                                                                94 St Peter’s Street

Crossways Business Park                                                   Derby DE1 1SR

Dartford  DA2 6NN                                                           01332 383392


020 7739 9130                                                                   Well Cultivated (bamboo fabric and wool)

sales@pongees.com                                                          0115 7143 143


Organic Textile Company                                                   Whaleys Bradford Ltd

Unit 4                                                                                  Harris Court

Dyfi Eco Park                                                                       Great Horton

Machynlleth SY20 8AX                                                        Bradford BD7 4EQ

01624 700002                                                                     01274 576718

phil@organiccotton.biz                                                      info@whaleysltd.co.uk


Bamboo Fabric, Organic Fabrics, Natural Eco Material, UK Suppliers (s.d.) At: http://www.wellcultivated.co.uk/bamboo-fabric (Accessed on 12 August 2019)
Contact us > Barnyarns Ripon LTD (s.d.) At: https://www.barnyarns.co.uk/contact_us/ (Accessed on 12 August 2019)
Contact Us – Whaleys Bradford (s.d.) At: https://www.whaleys-bradford.ltd.uk/contacts (Accessed on 27 July 2019)
Haberdashery fabrics buttons and ribbons – Raystitch (s.d.) At: https://raystitch.co.uk/ (Accessed on 12 August 2019a)
Haberdashery fabrics buttons and ribbons – Raystitch (s.d.) At: https://raystitch.co.uk/about-us. (Accessed on 28 August 2019b)
January 27, A.| and Reply, 2017 at 12:38 pm | (2017) My Top 5 Ethical / Sustainable Fabrics for Home Dressmaking. At: https://wendyward.wordpress.com/2017/01/27/my-top-5-ethical-sustainable-fabrics-for-home-dressmaking/ (Accessed on 27 July 2019)
Organic Cotton (s.d.) At: https://www.organiccotton.biz/store/ (Accessed on 12 August 2019)
Organic Silk (s.d.) At: http://organicsilks.co.uk/ (Accessed on 27 July 2019)
Pellon Fabric Magic Pack (s.d.) At: https://www.cottonpatch.co.uk/acatalog/Pellon-Fabric-Magic-Pack.html (Accessed on 27 July 2019)
Pongees | Contact Us (s.d.) At: https://www.pongees.co.uk/contact-us (Accessed on 12 August 2019)
prophet of bloom: February 2011 (s.d.) At: http://prophet-of-bloom.blogspot.com/2011/02/ (Accessed on 12 August 2019a)
prophet of bloom: February 2011 (s.d.) At: http://prophet-of-bloom.blogspot.com/2011/02/ (Accessed on 12 August 2019b)
Rainbow Silks : Silk Painting, Textile Decoration, Creative Embroidery, Felting and Knitting Supplies (s.d.) At: https://www.rainbowsilks.co.uk/ (Accessed on 12 August 2019)
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Wool-Challis – Stone Fabrics and Sewing Surgery (s.d.) At: https://www.stonefabrics.co.uk/product-tag/wool-challis/ (Accessed on 27 July 2019)
(S.d.) At: http://wellcultivated.co.uk/ (Accessed on 12 August 2019)





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