Project 2 Portfolio of resources


The first stage of this project involves collating and organising ideas – this really for me has been collecting the various scraps of paper littering my work area and actually turning them into  two mind maps and a brief working flow chart.

Note:  due to WordPress restrictions I am unable to load a larger image of these charts without adding a paid plug in which my plan does not allow.  However, full print outs are contained within my sketchbook.

The first mind map is in essence a collation of all my ideas and also suggestions of artists and designers to research – some of these have been part of the contextual research for this assignment and some are new to me and will be written up in a separate blog.

The mind map also states my preferred materials of Tyvek and lutradur which I used in Assignment 2 and I have discovered are sustainable materials although there is some controversy on the issue of recycling.  I have decided to continue using old sketches and sketchbooks plus the use of what is in essence the concept of the backing papers for English paper piecing to explore geometric three dimensional shapes that are inspired by drug molecules or scientific imagery related to disease.  In addition I want to explore incorporating elements of dilapidation and hence the aforesaid Tyvek and lutradur – this transforms my narrative from decaying buildings to that of the destruction of healthy cells and molecules through disease.

I have considered the narrative of remembrance which is particularly poignant at the time of writing and working the next assignment due to Remembrance Day being on 11 November (as I type it is the 5th November).   However, I have subsequently dismissed this idea, at least at this point,  as I wish to concentrate on my original theme and explore new avenues which may open up further possibilities that I could take forward into level 3.

The second mind map  simplifies the first and still contains 3 narratives – chronic illness, dilapidation and remembrance.  This map also breaks down the inspiration for all 3 themes into simplified concepts i.e. drug/DNA molecules/scientific imagery = chronic illness; dilapidated buildings – exterior/interior = dilapidation; text and imagery = remembrance.

Finally the flow chart is just a simple working model to inform my methodology and keep me focused on the task in hand.

The artists/textile designers suggested are not an exhaustive list but merely a collation of ideas gathered throughout the assignment plus an initial research to see if anyone really grabs my attention – the work of Luke Jerram is certainly on my ‘dream team’ however having recently seen his exhibition of the Moon here in Derby.

I do feel at this stage the suggestions of using tables, Gantt charts and flow charts is something I want to take forward into Assignment 5 as I see to refine these initial ideas.

I am aware that I have not explored a wide variety of concepts and this is largely in part due to to realising that my focus is on 3 very specific themes which I have come to realise can be intertwined and connected if I so choose and could well have elements incorporated depending on how the projects progress and any new directions that may arise.

By visualising my ideas and thoughts in this way it is really enabling me to calm my mind and to be able to explore concepts without total commitment – I have found mind maps particularly useful in the past year and they have become a vital part of my personal methodology but as said I do want to explore the other suggestions further during the early stages of the next assignment.

My focus on chronic illness continues largely due to the fact that hospitals have been and will be a part of every day normality for the rest of my life and hence I feel that my personal experiences can be used in a creative outlet whilst also giving voice to what is often left unsaid or for a variety of reasons cannot be said by either the patient or even their family and friends. I am also very much aware of the encourage of hospitals in artistic endeavors and there is a thriving art community which again has proved inspirational – and also brightened up many appointment!




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